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Pickleball Coach & Athlete

In 2017 I started playing pickleball and quickly became a top player in my local clubs, so naturally I went on to get my pickleball coaching certifications through PPR & IPTPA. I regularly compete in sanctioned tennis and pickleball tournaments. When my daughter reached the age of 7 I started teaching her how to play tennis, she is currently one of the top ranked players in her age bracket in NJ and aspires to attend college on a tennis scholarship. My son also plays and I have been the acting parent-coach for his USTA Junior Tennis Team for a number of years. There are many similarities between tennis & pickleball and many differences.


You can see more of my pickleball updates on Instagram: @AndyPeeke

If you are interested in learning how to play pickleball, taking a lesson, playing with/against me, or teaching me something about pickleball then contact me through my website or Instagram and let me know.

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